Secret Shield Encryption Pro

Secret Shield Encryption Pro Protect your files business, organization  and personal data with centrally Encryption v1, Secret Shield Encryption Pro is the supreme (Strong Cryptography) encryption program that`s just as easy to use as Secret Shield Encryption v1. Secret Shield Encryption Pro is packed with a host of features that includes file encryption, embedded images, search for keys, detached signatures, hash and hash verification of files and folders, Absolute assurity that the information you send or receive has not been modified in transit,

Folder Encryption Fairy 4.3: is an simple-to-use and reliable encryption utility to encrypt/ protect folders
Folder Encryption Fairy 4.3

encryption/decryption,high density encryption/decryption,portable encryption/decryption,mask folder,hide folder,and wipe out folder. *Fast Encryption: let you password protect folders within one second.Without password,nobody is able to access, delete, copy or rename protected folders. *High Density Encryption:Encrypt all the files in the protected folder with standard encryption algorithms.It is suitable for folders with vital data. *Portable Encryption

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Encryption And Decryption Pro 2.0: Encrypt text, encrypt emails, encrypt files. Text and file encryption software
Encryption And Decryption Pro 2.0

Encryption and Decryption Pro allows you to encrypt and decrypt files of any type stored on hard drives, flash drives, etc. Unlike many other encryption programs, Encryption and Decryption Pro provides the `Multiple encryption` option. For more security, you can use up to 10 passes to encrypt your data. etc. The Quick encryption helps you encrypt sensitive data in seconds - just set a default password and encrypt and decrypt your data on fly using

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Secret Shield Encryption Secret Shield Encryption Software is a powerful encryption program to securely e
Secret Shield Encryption

Secret Shield Encryption Software is a powerful encryption program to securely encrypt text and files keeping them from from prying eyes. Secret Shield Encryption Protect your files, text eMails and documents, etc. Secret Shield Encryption uses public/private-key encryption that can encrypt any type of file from picture, Word documents and even executables. Our encryption program offers eight different algorithms to choose and offers password pro

security, encryption

Flexcrypt email and MSN encryption Encryption of Text, Email, MSN, ICQ, for Free. Easy to use. Also Online.
Flexcrypt email and MSN encryption

Flexcrypt is an encryption toolbox that offers encryption of: Text, Email, MSN and ICQ. Encryption is done with AES 256 bit encryption algorithm + a password that is entered by the user. This password is necessary to decrypt. It is also possible to encrypt/decrypt Online at Flexcrypt is very easy to use and offers an encryption solution for any situation. For more information view the Flexcrypt demos: .

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BestCrypt Volume Encryption 2.11.01

Encryption is ultimate tool to protect your data from any unwanted access. BestCrypt Volume Encryption protects data with industry standard full key length encryption using AES, RC6, Serpent and Twofish. Any number of physical disk devices, for example Spanned, Striped, Mirrored or RAID-5 volumes can be encrypted. Additional features: XTS Encryption Mode, an option to add several passwords for encryption/decryption functionality, Anti-Keylogger functionality

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Outlook Encryption 1.0: Outlook encryptor allows you to send and receive encrypted e-mails
Outlook Encryption 1.0

Encryption allows you to seamlessly send and receive encrypted e-mail to and from other Outlook Encryption users. This product uses symmetric encryption, meaning that you need to agree the pass phrase with the e-mail recipient before they can read your message. Symmetric encryption is not intended to be a replacement for public key encryption system, but it is a viable alternative for many cases where using a public key encryption is not the best

attachment encryption, pass phrase privacy, encrypted e mail, symmetric encryption

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